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8×32 Gooseneck Trailer

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The Beast by Equipment Options Direct.

Diesel Powered, Double Proportioned Spray Foam Insulation and Polyurea MONSTER.
New, never used *High output rig*

Rig comes with the following:

  • 2 Reformer H30 Proportioners – sprays 30/lbs per minute, has horizontal pumps for durability, Hybrid Heaters are proportionally controlled to heat consistently, stroke counter to show how much product you are using. Works perfectly with Spray Foam Insulation and Polyureas.
  • 40kw Kubota / Mitsubishi Diesel Generator- with a great warranty.
  • 10hp 50 cfm Air Compressor – Maxair with a 2 year warranty, includes a constant run kit.
  • 2 PKIII Spray Guns – lightweight, easy to maintain (or pick your gun).
  • 4 Transfer Pumps – high quality for great performance.
  • 300 feet of premium heated hose.
  • 59 cfm air dryer
  • Plus more! Call for details

32’ x 8.5 Trailer Specs:

  • 7.5′ interior height.
  • 7000 lb Axles
  • 4 Access doors for proper ventilation, plus rear ramp or barn door.
  • Partition wall to separate work spaces.
  • Many color options to choose from.
  • Built to facilitate drums (5 sets) or totes (250 Gallons each).

The Beast by Equipment Options Direct.
The Beast by Equipment Options Direct.
Separator keeps your work area well ventilated.
The Beast by Equipment Options Direct.
Wall divers separate the loud generator and compressor from your work area.
40kw Kubota Diesel Generator.
4 Access Doors Plus Ramp Door
24′ floor space gives you plenty of room to work.
The Beast carries 3 tots @250G each or 5 sets of chemicals.
The Beast can be equipped with any 2 proportioners of your liking.
2 JHPK PK3 guns, and 150′ hose each.
Additional Space to keep spare parts or your tools.